Roc(k)tober!! Festival : Edguy

The Roc(k)tober!! Festival to be held at the Watford Colosseum on Saturday 13th October is drawing ever closer, which will be headlined by German power metal band Edguy as part of their 2012 Age Of The Joker Tour. Orpheum have the pleasure of opening proceedings, which we’re very excited about and are getting ready to open the show with a bang!
The event is also going to be filmed, so we suggest you get there early and to the front if you’d like to get on camera!
The full line up for Roc(k)tober!! is:
Edguy –
Hannibal –
Jaded Heart –
Achilla –
Orpheum –
Doors open at 16:30, tickets for this event can be ordered via the Watford Colosseum website :
For more information :