Darkness and Decay Pre-Order!

Orpheum_Album_Darkness_and_Decay_24th_June_2016We are pleased to announce that our debut album “Darkness and Decay” is set to be released on 24th June 2016 !

As a big thank you, if you head over to store.orpheum.co and pre-order the album or bundle (a signed copy of the album, limited edition album t-shirt, limited edition wristband) you will automatically be entered into a giveaway of exclusive signed goodies that will be sent to one person chosen at random on release day!

We’re excited and we hope you are too as we head nearer to 24th June!

Neath Draco’s Gaze UK Tour

A huge thanks to everyone who came along and made the last four days happen. Some of you made the journey to multiple nights which we appreciate very much and was great to have you on this ride with all of us!
We want to say a huge thanks to our friends in Alwaid and Suddenlash. Not only are they incredible at what they do, but are the nicest people and it has been our pleasure to share the stage (and occasional coincidental service station) with you all. We hope to see you all again soon!

As you might know, Erin had been battling with a virus since the beginning of the tour, so after digging deep for the first two dates and a trip from the venue to A&E, it was a hard decision that she wouldn’t be able to continue. Thanks to everyone who gave us your extra support when our multi-talented Mars stepped in on vocals. It meant a huge amount to us and we’ll be back next time with Erin, who can’t wait to get back behind the mic when we’ll be playing again in June!

Broken Glass Kiss – Live Video

Orpheum - Broken Glass Kiss Live Video

This week we shall be on tour, starting this Thursday in Birmingham where we shall be making a very special announcement. Can you guess what it is…..
So to get you in the mood, enjoy this live video with a track off our forthcoming album!