Reviews, New Live Dates

Having received a great review for our Treason EP over on Amazon and a fantastic review for our BandQuest gig, we had to share them over on Facebook and have now consolidated them here in our Press section. Please do check them out and head over to our Facebook page to let us know what you think!
Not stopping there, we are adding new live dates to our Shows page, with our most recent addition of The Unicorn in Kentish Town on 10th May, as we head to our usual drinking ground. With FREE entry and some great bands playing, we’d love for you to come along, enjoy some music, have a drink with us and have a chance to pick up a copy of our EP.
If that’s not enough, we have some exciting news to announce in the coming weeks, so shall catch you then!

More Shows, Live Photos/Video

After a great night at BandQuest; regardless of coming second, we had a fantastic reaction from the crowd and had a great night with everyone. Thank you for coming along and showing your support! Following from the night, we have been asked to play as guests at the Semi-Final of BandQuest this Sunday, 8th April at the Royal Victoria and Bull in Dartford! Check out our Shows page for more details for what’s sure to be a great holiday weekend!
If you missed it, we have added some new live photos to our Gallery section and catch a live performance of Porcelain Doll in our Videos section or head over to YouTube to check it out!
Hope to see you Sunday!