Recording for new release

A Good Friday to all!

Recording is underway for a new release which will come later this year. More information will be announced in the coming months. We can mention for now that it will include brand new songs and some very special artwork.

We shall be looking for a new full-time bass player later this year, as we prepare to hit the road again and announce our latest release.

Thanks for the great support we’ve had already and the new friends we are making along the way.
We hope you’ll enjoy the things to come this year and beyond!

KT’s farewell

Hi Orpheum fans,
Just wanted to drop by and make what will be my last Orpheum blog update.
After much soul searching (both personally and musically) I have decided that my journey with Orpheum must now come to an end as I have decided to leave the band.
I know it’s an old cliche but it really was down to something as simple as musical differences. The progressive element is something that is at the core of what makes Orpheum’s music tick. Unfortunately, no matter how I tried to fully embrace it, I have come to realise that the progressive element is not at the core of me and I was struggling to feel the music.
It’s been a great ride with Erin, Martine, Fin and Andy we’ve had some great times over the past two years. We’ve done some good gigs, released a well received EP and put Orpheum well and truly on the map. I have no doubt that they will find a good replacement who will slot in quickly and allow them to carry on blessing the world with their gothic progessive metal.
As for me, I have no firm plans as yet, I’ll just float around in the musical ether until I find something new to do whether that be on my own or as part of another band.
I want to thank all the people that have supported Orpheum and who I have got to know as part of the band and give my best wishes to Erin, Martine, Fin and Andy as they continue with Orpheum’s evolution.
See you down the front somewhere!